2000 Toyota CAMRY Visibility, Wiper problems & defects.

Toyota CAMRY Visibility, Wiper problems : 1.

The Contact Owns A 2000 toyota camry. The Contact Stated That She Secured The Vehicle In Park And Was Able To Remove The Key From The Ignition With The Engine Continuing To Operate. The Dealer Was Contacted And Advised That Either The Ignition Switch Or The Key Was Defective. The Vehicle Was Not Repaired. The Contact Also Stated That She Opened The Window While The Dealer Was On The Phone With Her, And It Exhibited An Abnormal Squealing Noise. The Contact Was Then Advised By The Dealer To Bring The Vehicle In For Inspection. Additionally, The Contact Stated That When Sitting In The Driver’s Seat, It Would Feel As Though The Springs Were Protruding Into Her Back And Causing Pain. The Vehicle Was Taken To The Dealer Where She Was Advised That The Vehicle Was Not Included In Any Recalls. The Vehicle Was Not Repaired. In Addition, The Air Bag Warning Light Sporadically Illuminated Over A Two Year Span. The Contact Was Concenred That In Teh Case Of Air Bag Deployment, The Chemicals In The Air Bag Would Affect Her Asthma. The Vehicle Was Not Repaired. The Manufacturer Was Not Made Aware Of The Failure. The Failure Mileage Was Unknown.

1 person(s) were injured. 0 person(s) died. Mileage was 0 miles. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):4T1BG22K4YU. TOYOTA CAMRY 2000 problem was reported in CLEVELAND, OH. Vehicle was not using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control. VEHICLE SPEED: 0 mph.

May 01, 2014

2000 Toyota CAMRY problems and complaints, and up-to-date recall information. If you are researching a used Toyota CAMRY, driving a 2000 Toyota CAMRY, or if you are planning to purchase one, review owner-reported Visibility, Wiper problems and defects.

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