2008 Toyota SIENNA Structure Body Hood Hinge And Attachments problems & defects.

Toyota SIENNA Structure Body Hood Hinge And Attachments problems : 1.

My Husband Was Driving In Florida In Our Rented toyota sienna Minivan, And Five Family Members Were In The Car, On A Highway. Suddenly The Engine Hood Came Unhooked And Flew Up, Hitting The Front Windshield. The Glass Shattered And We Were Showered With Glass, But The Bigger Problem Was That The View Out The Front Was Almost Totally Obstructed. We Managed To See Through A Small Crevice Underneath The Hood, Which Was Now Upright And Covering Almost All The Windshield. We Were Able To Pull Off The Highway Without Further Incident. Please Note I Am Not The Owner Of This Automobile, But Rather My Husband Yonathan Epelbaum Had Rented It From National Car Company. The Car Has Been Returned To National, And The Incident Was Reported To The Police At The Time Of The Incident. We Were Very Lucky To Have Escaped Serious Injury. The Incident Happened During Daylight, Which Helped, As At Least The Daylight Helped With Visibility Through The Very Small Opening Under The Hood, From Which We Were Able To Steer And Change Lanes Safely While Exiting The Highway. Injuries Were Fortunately Very Minor So I Am Recording As “no Injuries” But There Was An Issue With Glass. Considering We Might Have Been Killed, We Feel Very Fortunate My Husband Managed To Steer Us Out Of It Without Hitting Anything Or Being Hit. Other Cars Around Us Were Going Very Fast So The Situation Was Exceedingly Dangerous. *tr

Mileage was 19390 miles. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):5TDZK23CX8S. TOYOTA SIENNA 2008 problem was reported in BROOKLYN, NY. Accident was reported to Police. Vehicle was not using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control. VEHICLE SPEED: 60 mph.

Mar 22, 2009

2008 Toyota SIENNA problems and complaints, and up-to-date recall information. If you are researching a used Toyota SIENNA, driving a 2008 Toyota SIENNA, or if you are planning to purchase one, review owner-reported Structure Body Hood Hinge And Attachments problems and defects.

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