2011 Toyota SIENNA Power Train problems & defects.

Toyota SIENNA Power Train problems : 3.

The Car Accelerates Very Rapidly In Reverse After A Cold Start. A Morning A Few Days After Buying The Car, I Started It Up, Shifted Into Reverse, And Slowly Released The Brake Pedal. The Car Began Accelerate Backwards So Rapidly That I Thought I Must Inadvertently Put My Foot On The Accelerator. I Pulled My Foot Away From The Pedals But The Car Continued To Accelerate. I Shifted Into Park, But Before There Was Any Change In Speed The Car Crashed Into My Neighbor’s Car Across The Street, Causing Over $5,000 In Damage. If There Had Been Someone Standing Across The Street, It Would Likely Have Been A Fatality. I Contacted toyota And They Sent Out A Corporate Representative To Examine The Car. He Acknowledged There Was Rapid Acceleration In Reverse, And Stated That Was “normal” Operation For The Car After A Cold Start, And That It Would Be Even Faster In Cold Weather (we Live In Southern California). He Stated They Had Increased The Car Idle Speed After Cold Starts For Pollution Control Purposes, And This Was The Result. I Carefully Reviewed The Owner

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