2013 Toyota Venza Steering problems, defects and reviews. Updated December 20, 2016.

Toyota Venza Steering problems and reviews: 1.

Are you driving a 2013 Toyota VENZA, or planning to buy one? Review reported Steering problems and defects.

Steering Toyota 2013
Las Vegas, NV
Model Venza
System Steering
Speed 20

I Was On The Freeway All Of Sudden Traffic Stooped , I Hit The Brakes No Abs The Traction Lite Came On Car Went To Neutral . I Had An Impact At 20.1 Mph According To toyotas Black Box. The Front End Was Damaged In The Tune Of $8300.00 Tore The Front Bumper Off Severe Frame Damage All In The Area Of The Air Bag Sensor That Was Tore Off. Come To Find Out After The Accident Their Was An Air Bag Recall We Were Never Notified. The Vehicle Was Fixed By A Body Shop Recommended By The Dealership That Never Checked Out The System, I Took It In For The Recall They Did Not Perform As Per Their Supplemental Documents From Your Web Site. Now I Have Nerve Damage And Tendentious As I Braced Myself And Bent The Steering Wheel. I Have Asked And Asked For Help From toyota They Told Me The Impact Was Not Severe Enough . My Understanding Is The Air Bags Deploy At A 10 To 15 Mph Impact I Hit At 20 Plus . Their Is A Major Flaw On The Traction System The Lite Comes On When You Apply The Brake , I Was Told That My Foot Was To Big And I Push The Brake To Hard And I Should Not Of Bought The Car. Edmund’s Web Site Has Hundreds Of Complaints Of Cars Acting The Same Way And Some People Have Their Cars Stall In Intersections . Bottom Line With This Issue Someone Is Or Has Going To Be Killed Unless Their Is A Recall Or Investigation. I Can Be Reached At 561-714-0519 Thank You

Vehicle was involved in a crash. 1 person(s) were injured. 0 person(s) died. Mileage was 320000 miles. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):4T3BK3BB5DU. TOYOTA VENZA 2013 problem was reported in LAS VEGAS, NV. Vehicle was not using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control. VEHICLE SPEED: 20 mph.

Aug 08, 2014

2013 Toyota Venza problems and complaints, up-to-date recall information and reviews. If you are researching a used Toyota Venza, driving a 2013 Toyota Venza, or if you are planning to purchase one, review owner-reported Steering problems and defects.

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