2014 Toyota Rav4 Unknown Or Other problems, defects and reviews.

Toyota Rav4 Unknown Or Other problems and reviews: 3.

Unknown Or Other Toyota 2014
Wilmington, DE
Model Rav4
System Unknown Or Other
Speed 50

On May 2, 2015, At About 10:00 A.m. We Were Driving To The Scranton, Pa, Area. We Had Just Entered The On-ramp To I-81 North From Rt. 309 When We Heard A Very Loud Bang And Roaring Sound Similar To A Door On A Jet Blowing Off Mid-air In A Movie. There Was Nothing On The Road To Run Over And The Closest Vehicle To Us Was A Truck Tractor At Least 500 Yards Ahead Of Us And Not Driving On An Angle That Would Send Anything Airborne To Our Area; Nor Were We Near An Underpassr. We Put Our Flashers On And Pulled Over At The First Safe Area. Upon Checking Our Vehicle, We Discovered Our Sunroof Glass Had ¿

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