2017 Toyota Rav4 Vehicle Speed Control problems, defects and reviews. Updated October 14, 2017.

Toyota Rav4 Vehicle Speed Control problems and reviews: 2.

Are you driving a 2017 Toyota RAV4, or planning to buy one? Review reported Vehicle Speed Control problems and defects.

Vehicle Speed Control Toyota 2017
Warren, OH
Model Rav4
System Vehicle Speed Control
Speed 60

While Driving On Cruise Control At The Posted Speed Limit Of 65 Mph, My Rav 4 Came To An Abrupt Dead Stop With No Warning. There Was Not A Car In Front Of Mine, But A Car Was Stopped In A Median To My Left Facing The Opposite Direction Of My Car. I Could Only Assume That My Rav 4 Apparently Sensed That Car When It Came To A Sudden Dead Stop. I Had No Idea What Was Happening To My Car And Thought The Engine Had Shut Off. A Passenger With Me, Who Is A Witness To This Event, Is An Owner Of A Rav 4 Se Without The Safety Sense/pre-collision System. We Were Shook Up By This Because Had There Been A Car Or Semi Truck Trailer Behind Us, We Could Have Been Seriously Injured Or Even Killed. I Reported This Incident To The Dealer, toyota Of Warren, Where We Purchased The New Car, And After A Day In Service, They Said The Car Was Working Fine With The Sensors Aligned Correctly. I Was To Let Them Know If This Situation Occurred Again, And It Did. In Another Incident, Again While Using The Cruise Control And With No Car In Front Of Mine, A Car In The Passing Lane Went By Me At Approximately 80 Mph To My 65 Mph. My Car Came To A Dead Stop. Thank God There Was Not A Car Behind Me At The Time, Or A Serious Accident Could Have Occurred. After Doing Research On This Safety Problem That We Experienced, We Found A Number Of Reports Concerning This Very Situation Happening With Their Rav 4

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